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Sharing knowledge with others is important to us. Informed clients make better business decisions which also benefits their customers. BSGM can design presentations for groups of various sizes. Personnel from our office have conducted training sessions for small groups, as well as formal seminars attended by hundreds. In addition, several of our partners have served on national AICPA committees, State CPA society committees, and other organizations that enhance their ability to train, teach, and make quality presentations to others. For nearly seventy years, BSGM has prided itself on always being available to assist others in learning more.

National organizations such as the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives (NSAC), the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), and various statewide organizations have invited personnel from our organization to speak on topics ranging from Accounting, Finance, Tax and Governance. One of our partners received the NSAC 2023 Silver Bowl award for his commitment to the Cooperative business model including his dedication to training current and future Cooperative leaders.

Contact us today about the training programs BSGM can provide to your organization.

Education, Training and Speaking Opportunities

In-House Training

Provide industry specific training to groups from all over, at our office.

On-Site Training

Provide specialized training to your staff with the convenience of being at your office.


Our staff is equipped with speaking engagements, workshops, panels, and round tables.